Social Media

You can keep up to date with all of the conference details, including the CFP and the Keynote Speakers, for MAMO2017 through our various social media. You can join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter (@TheMamoConf) or check back here from time to time, where we’ll be adding more details as they firm up. If you encounter any problems, feel free to email us at

Twitter users: We’ve suggested the hashtag #MAMO2017 for the 2017 conference, to gather together discussions, and we’re looking forward to some vibrant ones! Two points of etiquette, though: several of our speakers have explicitly asked not to be photographed during their talks. Please do respect their wishes.

Second, any of you who saw the round table involving Bruce Holsinger, David Perry, Susan Morrison, Sandra Alvarez and Paul Sturtevant at Kalamazoo this year will know that live-tweeting is not always the most faithful representation of a speaker’s intentions. We have been asked to encourage you, therefore, to be careful not to leave a digital misrepresentation out there in the ether. Dorothy Kim (one of our wonderful round table participants at MAMO2015) has written a superb piece on Twitter etiquette here, which is well worth reading. We’d love to see some great discussion emerging on all channels, of course, but please do be sure that a point-by-point repetition isn’t likely to damage scholarly reputations; we all know how hard-earned they are!


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