Round Table Live Streaming

Thanks to the hard work of Helen Young and Carol Robinson, we’re very pleased to invite you to be part of the audience for a live stream of the round table “The Diverse Pedagogies of Medievalism” from The Middle Ages in the Modern World conference at the University of Lincoln, UK, on Tuesday June 30th at 4.30pm GMT.

The speakers are Molly Brown (University of Pretoria), Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University), Dorothy Kim (Vassar College), Carol Robinson (Kent State University Trumbull), Kim Wilkins (University of Queensland, and Helen Young (University of Sydney). We would be delighted if you could join us virtually, and there will be a facility for sending us questions during the discussion time. The event will be streamed via our dedicated YouTube channel, where you can also find details of the event. A video will be made available on Youtube after the event for those who cannot make the time.

The round table and broadcast are a partnership between The Middle Ages in the Modern World conference, and the Unicorn Virtual Museum of Medieval Studies and Medievalism cloud conference. The event is public, so please feel free to circulate this notice.


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